Advertising creative but targeted.

Execution of your advertisement:

  1. We have a decisive advantage over classic advertising: The reference work offers you the chance to have your potential clients specifically look for you and find you, during the process of their purchasing decision. Stray losses can therefore be hugely reduced. This important characteristic makes us a necessity in advertising for many companies.
  2. We promise you maximum attention and effort for your investment.
  3. We guarantee you maximum customer acquisition, customer loyalty and sales increases.
  4. Your address will be linked together with an online map, your own e-mail address as well as your own logo/layout e.g. the company webpage.
  5. We consist of around 1500 branches with a variety of information for both individuals and commercial users.
  6. A further major advantage of our renowned online advertising is its length of service. Advertising is often quick and is forgotten even quicker. With us, your advert will be working for you for several years, constantly acquiring new customers.
  7. You will receive a professional company video. The company video will give your business an enriched value.  
  8. Advertising is meant to be appealing and be noticed. On top of that, it should be creative. It must take into account the individual company and its market, in order to achieve an appropriate, positive reaction. On that, we place great value. That is why our strategy is based on careful analysis and realistic creation, achieving a positive contribution to your company's success.